The Colossal and the Medieval Age

Colossal Times

When analyzing many European nations, much of their cultures have developed from the mother cultures of the Colossal Times; Ancient Greece and Rome. Compared to the Arihant cultures (the four ancient civilizations), Europe was not introduced to the concept of significance in civilization. When Ancient Greece actually did establish the fundamentals of a civilized country, they increased conquests to control over so many lands and eventually form an empire. As an example, the famous conquerer called Alexander the Great expanded the Greek Empire upon Anatolia, Persia, and almost onto mainlands of India. When the Greeks have lost influence, the city of Rome in the Italian Peninsula developed into a humongous empire where numerous aspects of this empire became the cornerstone for the contribution of development for many of the nations today. Several important historic figures lived during this age of Colossal times, such as the Greek philosophers and mathematicians, conquerers, and the most influential figure named Jesus Christ. When the Roman Empire reached to a peaceful state called the Pax Romana after all the conquests for the empire expansion, the Germanic Invasion from the North have eventually called destruction of the Western Roman Empire in 476 A.D, but the Eastern Roman Empire have survived as Byzantine Empire for about 1000 more years.

Medieval Times

This time in European history was called the Dark Ages, because there seemed to be no development in Europe when compared to the Eastern cultures. Medieval Ages marked the beginning of the focus of history for Western Europe, and truly, there were many horrible events that happened. The Germanic groups that came down to the Western Roman Empire have quickly formed small kingdoms that could not contribute an immense amount of influence like the Roman Empire could. Out of the influential Germanic kingdoms called the Frank kingdom's division roughly divides the history of France, Italy, and Germany (Western, Middle, and Eastern Frankish kingdom). Christianity that have spread through entire Europe has been divided into Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox. The heads of the Catholic churches were corrupted, as they were selling indulgences and also being in part of distortion against the Bible (so that common people who cannot understand the Bible would be put under their influence). The Black Plague that have settled among Europe was a huge epidemic that killed about half of the entire Europeans, and the system of Feudalism have made difficult for countries to grow stronger under the influence of the king. The series of Crusades proved how Eastern civilizations were much more developed than Europe, but the numerous documents filled with scholary works that the Crusaders have raided provided the opportunity for the Europeans to understand the knowledge that they could obtain from these loots. This event in history has contributed the Western Europe to escape the Dark Ages and enter the new era of Renaissance and the Enlightenment that helped them to be one of the most influential nations in the world today.

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