History of Europe in Chunks

Misunderstanding of the Cultures of the World

Europe (as well as the United States) is the only continent where its history is the most-well known when compared to the other continents such as Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Oceania. For the reason that Europe's culture is brightly displayed in contrast to the other countries, many people in the world thinks that Europians are the most developed people over other "inferior" beings.

There is a famous statement that history is always remembered as the "record of the winner." Until the late 1700's, European countries were considered as barbarians compared to the Asian countries, where its independent cultures have bloomed its Golden Age. However, as the Crusades have introduced Western Europe with the advanced culture of the East (Byzantine Empire and the Muslims), the Age of Exploration have set the mindset of the Europeans to find new skills and products, where they would possess it as their own. After the Industrial Revolution, Europe has changed dramatically. As money became valuable, European countries competed against each other countries to win possession of importing and exporting products and make immense amount of money. After the successful defense of Vienna from the Ottoman Empire, several European countries were able to gain the strength and the products necessary for the development as a supernation. To gain more money by controlling the market of the world, European countries have brought out its desire of annexing "inferior countries." This has caused the 1800's to be the stage of chaos called Imperialism, where it could almost be correct to say that the Western countries have controlled almost every part of the world.

Covering Europe's History By...

  1. Collosal Times
  2. Medieval Times
  3. Renaissance
  4. Imperialism
  5. Cold War
  6. Modern Times

The Current Map of Europe Imperialism Exploration of America

Colossal and Medeival Europe


Modern Europe